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Two Fluevog fans geeking out over beautiful shoes.
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I just got my 9th pair of Fluevogs. The last pair was the Ottawa exclusive Andrews seen in the first picture. I am very happy with all my shoes.

Shows what you know, I don’t even wear pants.

…But okay.

Happy International Fluevog Day!


Can a new pair of shoes soothe a broken heart?

(Maybe just a little… if they’re Fluevogs.)

My fifth (FIFTH!) pair. I adore them, though they shredded my heels up pretty badly. It’s kinda funny, since I bought them as my first “sensible” pair and they’re the first to cause me an injury.

I just don’t know when or how I became a person who owns five pairs of Fluevogs.

This is what my current Fluevog wish list looks like. I don’t want to think about how much it would cost to buy them all, but I WANT THEM ALL AND I WANT THEM NOW.

There are two kinds of people — those who shy away from attention, and those who wear Fluevogs

John Fluevog, Shoe Designer  (via comfortfashionfit)

Fluevog Survey

How did you first learn about Fluevogs?

I first saw Munsters in the video for Groove is in the Heart, by Deee-Lite. Lady Miss Kier’s bright orange shoes with the funky heels caught my attention, and I remember hearing that they were called Fluevogs. I saw them again in Madonna’s Truth or Dare, and I remember thinking they were like Minnie Mouse shoes. I thought they were pretty cool, but never thought I’d ever own any.

 Years later, while I was working in a purse and luggage store, I had a customer come in with her burgundy Baroque Rubens, trying to find a purse to match. She let me touch them and I was in heaven!

Why do you love them so much?

They’re beautiful, unique and classic. They get noticed. The quality is unbeatable, and the high heels are the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. I also love that John Fluevog is a Canadian designer, and that the shoes are all ethically made.

 What was your first pair?

The Mini Gorgeous, in black. I paid full price and they were worth every penny.

 How many pairs do you own?

I just bought my fifth pair today! I can’t wait for them to get here.

 Which is your favourite? Why?

This is so hard to answer. I love them all, of course. I’ll go with my purple Queen Victoria Transcendents. They’re my favourite colour, the heel is a thing of beauty, and I waited so long to make them mine.

 Which pair is up next on your wish list?

7th Heaven Zachary! I’ve been coveting them since they came out.  They are a must-have.

 What Fluevog family is your favourite?

I’m a big fan of the Minis, and am so sad to hear they’re being retired. The flared heel is ingenious.

 Are there any retired Fluevogs you’d like to see make a comeback?

YES. I would do just about anything to have a pair of Skip Ropes.

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